Not your average PEO...

We are proud we have helped countless companies, large and small, achieve solid, sustainable success. How? By allowing business owners to focus on their primary goals, while they improve benefits for employees and increase their cash flow.


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  • Workers' Compensation

    Built for Builders and Contractors of All Sizes

    Builders and contractors have unique needs when it comes to their risk management program. That's why we've teamed up with Zurich American to provide its workers' comp. program.

  • Payroll Administration

    A Solid Foundation for Building a Business

    Without the usual hassles and distractions of owning and operating a business, you and your decision makers are free to pursue your most ambitious business objectives.

  • Compliance

    Protecting You and Your Employees

    Our Human Resources Services can help you stay in compliance and avoid litigation. Giving you more time to focus on business! Let us be the experts so you don't have to be!

  • Employee Benefits

    Designed to Help You Keep Your Best Assets.

    Your employees will have access to benefits like medical, dental, vision discounts and retirement planning.

About WBS

New in business, but not new to the industry Workforce Business Services serves about 1,100 clients and more than 10,000 employees in Florida, Georgia, Alabama and California. WBS has assembled some of the most experienced talent in the industry. With more than 150 years of combined experience in the PEO industry, WBS is poised with a business model that will capitalize on the strengths that a leasing company can bring to the construction and related industries. These types of high-risk companies, roofers, builders, masons, and so on - are high risk because of the work they do. The managment team at WBS believes that the secret to managing the risk is choosing the right construction type clients; ones who have low workers' comp. losses and who are willing to implement programs that will prevent losses in the future. WBS sends highly skilled construction safety specialists into the field, working along side and maintaining an open rapport with their clients. more...

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